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And thank you for stopping by my blog. As a part of my language learning journey I was told that starting a blog would help me share my story with others as well as allow me to stay motivated to continue with it whenever it became more difficult than usual.

I decided to use that idea and apply it to the variety of things that I do with my life (which as you can see from the menu above, ranges from a wide variety of topics) so that I make the most of everyday and improve myself more and more.

As for the name, a high school friend of mine jokingly called me a modern renaissance man whenever I was telling him about all of the different things that I plan on learning throughout my life. As he pointed out, during the renaissance, the famous men of the time specialized in everything; art,  science, engineering, etc. Therefore my plan is to strive for their level on enlightenment,  but just in different categories.

I hope you enjoy my stories, rants, and life lessons. Please share my inspiration and motivation to better yourself everyday.



Not really a fan of writing, but wanting to share my life with whomever cares.

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