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Field Artillery, How’d I End Up Here?

Well I never thought that I would be attending a school where that was the title, but to understand that you probably need a little reference on my military career so far.

In 2012 I was finishing up my Junior year of high school and was starting to have those thoughts that cross everybody’s minds at that time- how am I going to pay for college? Now, it never once occurred to me that I could do it the classic way and just go to college and take out loans and pay them off for the rest of my life (until recently- but more on that later). So, I got more and more interested in the military.

Originally when it crossed my mind about joining, I told my parents “I could do the Coast Guard because I’ve been on the swim team since I was nine, or,  I could do the Army National Guard because after I do basic training and such I can still go to college.”

Now I’m sure that we talked about it much more than that, however before I knew it I got a text from my mom while at band camp the one day that she set-up for a recruiter to come by the house to talk to me about the Army National Guard.

After that and some practice ASVABs, I had to choose what job I was going to pick up. My recruiter suggested the usual- truck driver, infantrymen, MP, and a handful of some random ones. Keep in mind I was just joining for the college money.

While searching through the long list of possible Army jobs I found one that my recruiter said that I had qualified for- a Human Resources Specialist (42A). Now there’s more to that story (later) but how does this connect with me attending Field Artillery Cannon Crewmember Qualification Course?

Well,  in future posts I’ll be sure to expand on the fact that I have been trying to get promoted to Sergeant for close to two years now. I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to do it anytime soon if I stayed as a 42A so I began first by trying to get into other jobs that interested me, but if you weren’t aware, the military is highly dysfunctional and after so many ignored phone calls I decided that I had to turn to a combat job, more specifically field artillery (because that’s the type of unit that I’m assigned to), if I wanted to get promoted before my current contract ended.

So here I am, an admin specialist of close to five years is about to go through field artillery training……. this should be interesting.



Not really a fan of writing, but wanting to share my life with whomever cares.

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