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X-Men (2000)

Finally I have reached the year 2000 on my Marvel watch-through. However, this is where the bulk of the movies are.

X-Men is a movie that I have seen a decent amount of times and I find it very enjoyable. The first dilemma I noticed is that when Rouge ran away from home and met up with Wolverine, nobody reported her missing? When Professor X is giving Wolverine a tour he says that most of the students there are run-aways, now wouldn’t that raise several red flags in the legal world?

Speaking of the legal world; X-Men is great but it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the Marvel universe that it supposedly is a part of because there is constantly legislation being passed that monitor and harm mutants but yet other superheros like Spider-Man or Captain America are perfectly ok? That doesn’t really make sense.

After that, when they are trying to find out more about Wolverine and they point out his skeleton and the healing factor but yet they don’t say anything about the fucking claws that come out of his hands being one of his mutations. Speaking of claws, Sabertooth is a joke of a villain in this movie but in X-Men Origins: Wolverine it clearly shows us that he is supposed to be Wolverine’s brother. I understand with a lack of memory how Wolverine wouldn’t have noticed but that doesn’t say why Sabertooth didn’t.

Following that when Mystique puts the (what I assume to be) poison in Cerebro, that conveniently renders Professor X unconscious for the entire battle; I’m assuming that that was a poison of the mind, since it only activated when he put on the helmet, I’m not sure and it definitely wasn’t clear at all.

The biggest problem that I had with it however was that at the end, Mystique was able to disguise herself as a guard so that she wouldn’t go to jail except that she was stabbed in the stomach by Wolverine and layed there for who knows how long. She is then able to disguise herself as the dead senator, and openly speak against the bill that he proposed, and nobody found that fishy? Doesn’t this man have a family or anything?

I am still yet to see one of the famous Marvel post-credits scenes as well. This is a must watch for any X-Men or superhero fan and a decent movie for anybody else.



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