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You Never Know Who Is Watching

The title probably made it sound creepy or more like the novel 1984 (which is on my to-read list). But this was talking about finding out that people actually pay attention to your life.

At the beginning of July I made a video and several posts on here as well as a variety of social media that said I was going to be doing a month without English. Now, that didn’t work out quite as well as planned and I had to restart it later in July and I’ve now named it A Month With A Lot of French. More on that later in the language learning section (and a half-way through video as well).

This weekend was the first time that I have gone to a normal National Guard drill all Summer. This was due to graduating college and attending field artillery qualification school. At the end of the weekend, when I was going to clean my section area, I was approached by a fellow Soldier. Now I’ve talked to this guy a few times here and there as is expected because we are in the unit together but nothing that would require much knowledge of the other persons’ civilian life.

However, I was completely caught off guard whenever he asked me how my French was coming along. He had said that he had seen my post on Facebook and that he thought it was very interesting. We then talked about the progress I’ve made and the current challenges that I’m facing.

Other than this, early last week my jiu jitsu instructor gave me a shoutout at the end of class the one day. He told the class how I had come in and completely bombed a tournament, like embarrassingly,  but still came to class the following week without being discouraged. Then I went to my second tournament and still lost, but I did much better and I came off the mat and immediately asked the questions about how to improve the previous match. He then continued by saying how I’ve started to come to Judo so that I could improve my take-downs (and my counter take-downs). At the end he had said that he saw me running that morning and that he enjoyed seeing me improving myself physically outside of the class as well.

Both of these instances I was doing what I do because I wanted to improve myself for me, without any idea that anybody was paying attention to how my progress was coming. So do what you do, improve yourself where you need it, and somebody may notice and somebody may not; but do it for you. Besides, champions are built when nobody is looking.



Not really a fan of writing, but wanting to share my life with whomever cares.

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