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End of Summer Update- Academic/Professional

I’m not sure if I ever posted this but I graduated with my Bachelors degree this past May. This has put me in an interesting place with about one year left on my National Guard contract plus one more year for my girlfriend to finish her Bachelors. I have already let everybody know that I plan on going to law school. So what should I do in my gap year?

Well, I decided to go back to school. This time for a certification in Paralegal. This way I can gain knowledge of the workings of the law and still work in the legal field regardless of law school.

This Summer I have studied for the LSAT daily, which is more than I’ve ever studied for any other test in my entire life.

Outside of that though I have been reading a lot more (I’ll post about that in my Media/Pop Culture section) and recently I have started watching a TED talk a day. This started because the polyglot whose method I’m following for language learning, Benny Lewis of Fluent in 3 Months, was featured on a few and now I watch a variety of them. Regardless of if its language learning, travel, self-improvement, passive income, etc, I enjoy hearing their stories and gaining ideas that I can implement in my life.

Finally, I have added the Khan Academy app to my phone and I have done a lesson or video every night before I go to bed. This started because I felt the need to cut down on social media intake but now I love it because it is a refresher of things that I learned in high school that I have never used again but are still things that I feel would be useful to know, like physics or economics.

Just because it’s Summer break doesn’t mean you should stop learning, and if you’re out of school that also doesn’t mean you should be done learning. You should try to improve yourself and your mind everyday, starting by learning, or relearning, one new thing everyday.

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En Route to Law School

A recent quarter-life crisis that I’ve been having is what on Earth to do with my life now. I’ve finished college and my current military contract is going to be over in August 2018. After going over a variety of options- going active duty military, moving to another country, joining the Pennsylvania State Police, etc. I have decided to truly reach for the stars and attempt to get into law school.

Why you may ask? Well, for starters there’s the obvious “wow factor” of saying, “Yea, I’m going to be a lawyer” but then there’s also the fact that recently I think that it is the best way for me to use my knowledge, at least at this point. Also, once I have attained that law degree (and probably a few years of experience to help pay off my debt) I could easily get a job in any part of the legal field- from the FBI to the International Court of Justice, and apart from that it will be another stepping stone on the path to possibly holding a public office someday.

One big step stands in my way though- the LSAT and the Law School admissions process. I have taken a few practice tests and I do several practice questions and readings about it everyday, but only time will tell.