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New Goal

I know that I have been slacking on keeping this blog updated and I apologize for that. Now that school and work have begin it’s just a matter of trying to figure out a schedule and time for everything. Having band all the time doesn’t help with that either.

So far I am highly enjoying this semester. My classes are all going well, my schedule is working itself out and my hobbies are coming along nicely. I do spend a lot of time at marching band though, but that will end at the end of October and I’m supposedly doing it this year for the fun of it.

My goal for the past few and a half or so has been to dedicate as much of my time as I can to preparing myself to take the LSAT this past Saturday. I think it went well, I won’t find out for about 3 weeks and it also means that I’m able to take on a new goal.

Over the Summer I made a lot of progress in my French and while I was living alone I even had days where I used mostly French. Now since I haven’t made it my focus and my recent use of French has been just in the classroom, I have dropped on my level. This however, is my new goal.

In the 3 Summer months I was able to get to an A2 (or B1 on a good day) level in French. Which is great progress. Now I plan on getting to at least a B2 level by the end of 2017. My French teacher has already agreed to meet and talk with me in French after class to assist with this goal. Additionally, I have postponed my blue belt test in jiu-jitsu until April so that my focus will be entirely on improving my knowledge of French.

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End of Summer Update- Fitness

This past month and a half has boosted my fitness significantly more than the rest of the Summer I believe. Running I have not been keeping up with, that part was better at the beginning of Summer. However, once I figure out my schedule for this semester I do plan on running everyday. My martial arts has significantly improved this Summer. I have been going to a lesson twice a day if possible. I have the first three Karate kata’s memorized and I also plan on testing for my blue belt in Jiu Jitsu in October. Outside of martial arts, I have been regularly improving my push-ups and sit-ups as well as my flexibility. My martial arts gym has added a Yoga class that I have started to attend. Over the school year I plan on regularly improving my squats and Karate kicks as well. A set of foam nun-chucks allows me to get a melee weapon practice without the fear of injuring myself, others, or things in my house.

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Being Fit, While Doing as Little as Possible

What a great idea in theory right? Well, it doesn’t actually take that much effort to do at least something to start getting more fit.

While I’m at this Army school, I don’t exactly do PT everyday (more on how this is a Gentleman’s Course coming soon) but I still find time to do little things outside of training that will help me keep up my fitness level while being away for a month.

For starters, at home in addition to the things that I still do while I’m here, I also go to martial arts practices at least once, sometimes twice a day if my work schedule allows it. When I get home, my gym is adding an 8AM class three times a week that I’m going to try and attend when I can, and personally I’m going to start running every morning before work.

But while I’m here I need to keep up on my fitness level without taking away from time I spend learning French. I do this by continuing with my stretching after I wake up and Yoga before bed but I also practice my three basic Karate katas while I wait for my computer to boot up after returning from class, and then when I switch from my productivity on my computer to the productivity in books I take a break to allow myself to do pushups and crunches.

This might not seem like much but it will keep my chest, arms, and abs in shape while I’m away. Plus, the Karate katas will sink in so that I can work towards a Yellow belt by the end of Summer.


Okay, and a fair point that I know might be brought up; I am at Field Artillery school it’s not exactly a classroom environment there is heavy lifting and dragging commonly involved with my daily training- but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do those things at home too.