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First Unscripted Video

As very few people know, I try to upload a video of me speaking in French to my YouTube channel once a week. Now not only does this not happen every week but they’re also very short and about random things that I think about ahead of time. However, today’s video I did not write a script for and I think I did pretty okay.

All of my pauses or incorrect pronunciations here would be the same of that as somebody who speaks English and isn’t good at last minute speeches (or whatever other factor makes us natives pause and say things like um or uh) and I am only speaking about a simple subject, my French lessons this week, but it is enough that I could hold a conversation which means that my goal of being conversationally fluent (B2) by the end of 2017 is looking more and more attainable everyday.

I realize (after watching it) that a decent amount of mistakes were made. Just something to work on.

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Pre-Conversation Practice Nerves

This upcoming week I have scheduled my first in-person one-on-one conversation practice for my French. My French professor (with whom I’m Facebook friends with) saw that my goal was to reach a B2 level by the end of 2017, and as a result, has agreed to meet with me at least once a week for 30 minute sessions. In her response, she highlighted that she would also see if any of her francophone friends would Skype with me to help with this process. It was also pointed out that she will have me focus on a lot of listening because that was her struggle when she was learning English.


In addition to that, I got some more credits on italki, which means whenever I finalize my schedule I will be able to schedule some Skype French lessons. Finally, after writing this post I am going to the study abroad office to see if there are any francophone students that would like to have conversations with me.


All this practice with people is exactly how Benny Lewis says that languages are learned.

So why am I so nervous to actually talk to people instead of just burying myself in my phone or computer to use some software or TV show?

I consider myself an interesting person.

So why am I so nervous that I have no idea what I’ll talk about in most of these situations. Normally when I’m nervous I don’t shut up but since I’ll be using French I’m not sure what the reaction will be.

No more putting it off though, this is the perfect opportunity and if I pass it up then I have been lying to myself about actually wanting to learn a language.

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New Goal

I know that I have been slacking on keeping this blog updated and I apologize for that. Now that school and work have begin it’s just a matter of trying to figure out a schedule and time for everything. Having band all the time doesn’t help with that either.

So far I am highly enjoying this semester. My classes are all going well, my schedule is working itself out and my hobbies are coming along nicely. I do spend a lot of time at marching band though, but that will end at the end of October and I’m supposedly doing it this year for the fun of it.

My goal for the past few and a half or so has been to dedicate as much of my time as I can to preparing myself to take the LSAT this past Saturday. I think it went well, I won’t find out for about 3 weeks and it also means that I’m able to take on a new goal.

Over the Summer I made a lot of progress in my French and while I was living alone I even had days where I used mostly French. Now since I haven’t made it my focus and my recent use of French has been just in the classroom, I have dropped on my level. This however, is my new goal.

In the 3 Summer months I was able to get to an A2 (or B1 on a good day) level in French. Which is great progress. Now I plan on getting to at least a B2 level by the end of 2017. My French teacher has already agreed to meet and talk with me in French after class to assist with this goal. Additionally, I have postponed my blue belt test in jiu-jitsu until April so that my focus will be entirely on improving my knowledge of French.

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End of Summer Update- French

My Summer will end in exactly one week thanks to band camp and then college starting back up. I figured that I should give an update on how everything ended up going over the past three and a half months.

Writing this post in English doesn’t really prove that I’ve made much progress in French, however I wanted to write it in English so that I could articulate better.

Learning a language comes down to your ability in five different parts of that language: reading, writing, speaking (pronunciation), listening, and thinking.

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Canadian Road Trip- Niagara Falls

C’est continué de Canadian Road Trip- Montreal

Sur le troisième jour, nous sommes partis Montréal pour Niagara Falls. En chemin, nous sommes arrêter à Toronto pour déjeuner et voir le tour de CN parce que ma petite ami n’avait jamais été là.

Après l’arrivé à Niagara Falls, nous sommes allés à jardin d’hiver de papillons et avons voir les chutes d’eau.

Le prochain jour, nous faisions le voyage derrière les cascades et Hornblower Cruises, cela nous a amenés juste devant les chutes d’eau.

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Canadian Road Trip- Montreal

La semaine dernier je suis allé sur un voyager de route avec ma petite amie. Première nous sommes allés à Montréal en Québec. C’était peut-être un 10 heures conduire. Sur nôtre arrivés, nous sommes allés à Mont Royal. Il y avait un vue magnifique, et c’est un parc sympa. Après ça, nous sommes allés centre-ville pour dîner.

Le jour prochain, nous sommes allés à Olympic Stadium, ce qui était décevant. Puis, nous sommes allés à Notre-Dame Basilica. Trés belle église. Nous avons arrêter à le marché Atwater après ça. Enfin, nous sommes allés l’oratoire de Saint Joseph, que nous n’avons pas plan sur visiter. Mais, c’était mon préféré. À la fin de la nuit, nous avons être boires parce que ma petite amie peut boire là.

J’ai aimé que tout le monde parlait français.

Le matin prochain nous sommes allés à Toronto et Niagara Falls, mais je vais parler de la ca demain.