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End of Summer Update- French

My Summer will end in exactly one week thanks to band camp and then college starting back up. I figured that I should give an update on how everything ended up going over the past three and a half months.

Writing this post in English doesn’t really prove that I’ve made much progress in French, however I wanted to write it in English so that I could articulate better.

Learning a language comes down to your ability in five different parts of that language: reading, writing, speaking (pronunciation), listening, and thinking.

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Canadian Road Trip- Niagara Falls

C’est continué de Canadian Road Trip- Montreal

Sur le troisième jour, nous sommes partis Montréal pour Niagara Falls. En chemin, nous sommes arrêter à Toronto pour déjeuner et voir le tour de CN parce que ma petite ami n’avait jamais été là.

Après l’arrivé à Niagara Falls, nous sommes allés à jardin d’hiver de papillons et avons voir les chutes d’eau.

Le prochain jour, nous faisions le voyage derrière les cascades et Hornblower Cruises, cela nous a amenés juste devant les chutes d’eau.

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Canadian Road Trip- Montreal

La semaine dernier je suis allé sur un voyager de route avec ma petite amie. Première nous sommes allés à Montréal en Québec. C’était peut-être un 10 heures conduire. Sur nôtre arrivés, nous sommes allés à Mont Royal. Il y avait un vue magnifique, et c’est un parc sympa. Après ça, nous sommes allés centre-ville pour dîner.

Le jour prochain, nous sommes allés à Olympic Stadium, ce qui était décevant. Puis, nous sommes allés à Notre-Dame Basilica. Trés belle église. Nous avons arrêter à le marché Atwater après ça. Enfin, nous sommes allés l’oratoire de Saint Joseph, que nous n’avons pas plan sur visiter. Mais, c’était mon préféré. À la fin de la nuit, nous avons être boires parce que ma petite amie peut boire là.

J’ai aimé que tout le monde parlait français.

Le matin prochain nous sommes allés à Toronto et Niagara Falls, mais je vais parler de la ca demain.

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(Month) “Without” English

So, I made a video about this that it won’t let me upload here. If you wanna watch it, it can be found on my YouTube channel here.

Here’s the summary- advice that I have gotten from Benny Lewis and his Fluent in 3 Months program is that I really need to kick it into gear and go for some amount of time without English. I am gonna start that now (er- I mean I’m gonna start that whenever I finish posting this explaining that I’m doing this).

It’s Summer, and I will be going to the French-speaking region of Canada next week, both of which will be huge helps to me gaining confidence in this new language.

If you have any tips on how I can accomplish this please reach out to me and let me know. Well, here we go.

Souhaite moi bonne chance. Je commencerai en trois, deux, un. Maintenant.

Au revoir.

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Budget Travel- Achieved!

That’s right, something that I struggle with anytime I want to go somewhere has been achieved.

My girlfriend and I are taking a road-trip to Montreal and Niagara Falls later this month. This was decided because finances are difficult and we still wanted a vacation. My girlfriend has never been to Canada and I wanted to go someplace that I have never been (I went to Niagara Falls in 2006 with my family) plus this has the added bonus of being a French speaking region.

In January 2016 I started collecting spare change in an empty 2 liter bottle. Didn’t think much of it, I would just empty my pockets into it at the end of the day. Turns out that I saved over $200 in a little over a year. This allowed us to pay for the hotel and gas without actually using any of the hard (in our bank accounts) money that we have earned.

This is something that anybody looking to save money can easily do. Get something to store change in and don’t take out of it for a long time, just make sure to keep putting in when you get and find change.

Another tip is trying to go local while still making it a different experience. Depending on where you live this could be difficult, but currently I am only about 3.5 hours South of the Canadian border (Niagara Falls).

Once we spend our own money on food and attractions I’m positive that this trip should cost less than $150/person. My goal for this trip (besides making great memories with the love of my life) is going to be to converse as much as possible in French while in Quebec.

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French TV Show Change- Again

Yes I know, it was only a few days ago that I posted that I had decided to switch the TV show I was watching in French, but I have decided to do it again.

I have changed it to Friends.

I don’t know why I didn’t originally chose Friends for this because I love that show and I’ve seen every episode (however it could be because it took me forever to finish it the first time that I watched all the way through it). This time around I’m watching it entirely in French with no subtitles.

This was actually a recommended TV show to watch from the Fluent in 3 Months program because it has been seen so many times so you don’t have to panic if you miss something or when you first start out and you don’t know what they are saying and you know it was supposed to be funny because there was the background laughter. (One thing that is really throwing me off).

Other than that the only other problem I’ve had so far is that I am expecting it to be in the original actors voices, but I’m sure that’s something I will get over soon.

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Total Drama Island- en français

Part of immersing myself in the French language is to watch a TV show in that language. Netflix is amazing tool to help me do this- if I know what I’m doing. Thanks to my trip to Cambodia two years ago I know a trick or two.

Attempt number one at this was use standard US Netflix already logged into my Playstation (my usual device that I use to watch shows) and see what was available; not much was unless it was a Netflix original and I didn’t want to start with an adult show that would speak fast and use more difficult words, so I needed to select a children’s show. So I started watching VeggieTales in the House because I thought it would be similar to the VeggieTales videos I always watched as a kid. However it is very different from the variety of episodes that came out in the early 2000s and I quickly lost interest and was having to force myself to put it on and then I would catch myself not paying attention. So obviously this had to change.

Now, I log into French Netflix on my computer using the Hola! extension on Google Chrome. This extension allows me to surf the web but have my IP bounce into a country of my choice to view the site in that region or language. (I had to figure this out while in Cambodia because at the time Netflix was unavailable within that country so I needed to bounce my IP to the USA).

Now this allows me access to shows that are not on USA Netflix and it also allows me to see dubbed versions of American shows but in my target language. I chose to start watching Total Drama Island because I remember enjoying it when I would be able to watch cable TV at my grandparents houses into my teen years but I never got to really follow the show.

This show is somewhat difficult for me because they do talk fast and use slang that I am not used to yet but it keeps my attention so much better and I’m always striving to learn what they’re saying just so that I can gain another level to the developing plot lines.