Language Learning and Travel

What great categories right? These are probably my two favorite things in the world.

We’ll start with language learning. Learning foreign languages has always interested me and for a better portion of my early life I got my enjoyment out of learning one specific phrase into a multitude of languages. My favorite was the phrase “I’m hungry” in which to this day I can probably still say in about 5 different languages. I chose this phrase because I would say it to my friends in the class that I had before lunch period.

This of course, doesn’t allow you to learn any languages fluently or even to a usable,  conversational level. From there I got more serious about my language learning goal (someday becoming a polyglot), but we’ll cover that more in future posts.

Traveling has also been something that I have always been interested in and I was lucky enough to have a family that was able to go on vacations (from camping to beach-side hotels) at least once a year. This allowed me to establish at least a decent list of states (and other countries) that I had been to by the time I was 18. From there, I’ve been to 2 continents, 6 countries, 1 British territory, 1 Canadian province, and 22 U.S. states, plus the District of Columbia.

Don’t be surprised if this section is eventually written in my target language. (That’s why I had the translation widget installed on the right side).

Current target language: French

My goals for this section are:

  • start thinking in French
  • start having conversations (even with myself) in “Franglish”
  • prepare an itinerary for my upcoming road trip to Montréal, ON, Canada

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