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Generation One (2017)

I just finished reading the first book of the new Lorien Legacies Reborn series. For those of you who don’t know this is a continuation of the Lorien Legacies series- also known as the I Am Number Four books. If you haven’t read any of them I highly recommend that you do and if you saw the movie I apologize greatly because the film was absolutely terrible. The I Am Number Four series was one that I accidentally stumbled upon (by a classmate recommendation) in 10th grade and I instantly fell  in love with the series and no matter how I have changed as a person I still love the series.


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Canadian Road Trip- Niagara Falls

C’est continué de Canadian Road Trip- Montreal

Sur le troisième jour, nous sommes partis Montréal pour Niagara Falls. En chemin, nous sommes arrêter à Toronto pour déjeuner et voir le tour de CN parce que ma petite ami n’avait jamais été là.

Après l’arrivé à Niagara Falls, nous sommes allés à jardin d’hiver de papillons et avons voir les chutes d’eau.

Le prochain jour, nous faisions le voyage derrière les cascades et Hornblower Cruises, cela nous a amenés juste devant les chutes d’eau.

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Why Don’t We Dance Anymore?

This morning I was making breakfast and I had my French radio station playing and a disco song came on (an American one). Well without really thinking about it I started to dance along. This got me thinking.

Now why doesn’t anything like that exist now? Musicians don’t really write music people can dance to anymore (with the obvious exceptions of famous line dances like the Cupid Shuffle, etc). Hell, sometimes it’s just a bunch of technobeats with like 5 words, max.

From the big band era of the 40s until, uh, let’s say the 70s all music was made so that it could be danced to. Clubs would have  dance floors with people actually dancing on them. I’m not sure about much of the 80s and 90s (again, except the obvious ones like the Macarana).

Now you go into a club and it’s just people either jumping (violently, I might add), awkwardly bobbing along, or grinding (usually to a level that is overly ridiculous outside of the privacy of a strip club).

This has created a large number of young adults that are able to dance. They go to dances in high school and either do one of the things listed in the above paragraph or they just hangout on the sides of the dance floor. Now don’t get me wrong there have been plenty of times where I myself would enjoy grinding on the dance floor, but only for so long.

I made an arbitrary post about it on my Twitter this morning and it met with very positive results. So my question would be why don’t we try to bring it back? Our kids won’t go to dances where the only option is to be groped or stand on the side, adults would have a place to go where they could dress up and enjoy themselves, like adults I might add, and it would just add another layer to enjoying the music. I know we’ve all seen the old people at a concert in the community be able to just get up and dance along, but meanwhile I’m stuck to just bobbing along awkwardly.

If you don’t think it’s easy you’re probably right, but the good stuff is never easy. And hey, they did it in An Extremely Goofy Movie…

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Blade (1998)

Continuing on my movies based on Marvel Comics characters watch-through brings me to the first one that I didn’t know anything about before watching. This movie is not actually about a superhero (ok, I guess that depends on your definition of what a superhero is, but I digress) but instead it’s about a Vampire hunter.

Blade is born while is mother is dying from a Vampire bite; this grants him the benefits of being part Vampire and part Human, as well as all the downsides. This makes for a great story-line not only between good and bad but also including personal dilemmas.

Since I’ve never read a Blade comic, I don’t have any outside influence to reference how I feel about this movie. I think that Wesley Snipes was an excellent choice to play Blade. I also would say that even though I would consider this a good movie over all, it is rather gory and that was quite uncomfortable (but it is a Vampire movie so I guess I should’ve expected it, right?). There is also a scene where he shares what I can only describe as a sensual moment with his mother.

The ending obviously shows that there is a continuation- which there was, 4 years later- and I will be interested to see how that one is. The comments on my Facebook post were positive about this movie. If you are an action or vampire fan I recommend it, if you are the standard movie or superhero fan it’s nothing to go out of your way for but it’s also not something that I would avoid if you saw it on TV one day.

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Canadian Road Trip- Montreal

La semaine dernier je suis allé sur un voyager de route avec ma petite amie. Première nous sommes allés à Montréal en Québec. C’était peut-être un 10 heures conduire. Sur nôtre arrivés, nous sommes allés à Mont Royal. Il y avait un vue magnifique, et c’est un parc sympa. Après ça, nous sommes allés centre-ville pour dîner.

Le jour prochain, nous sommes allés à Olympic Stadium, ce qui était décevant. Puis, nous sommes allés à Notre-Dame Basilica. Trés belle église. Nous avons arrêter à le marché Atwater après ça. Enfin, nous sommes allés l’oratoire de Saint Joseph, que nous n’avons pas plan sur visiter. Mais, c’était mon préféré. À la fin de la nuit, nous avons être boires parce que ma petite amie peut boire là.

J’ai aimé que tout le monde parlait français.

Le matin prochain nous sommes allés à Toronto et Niagara Falls, mais je vais parler de la ca demain.

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The Fantastic Four (1994)

There was a reason this film was never released. The quality of the camera was so bad that you could barley tell what was going on, the acting was awkward at best and the story-line was confusing.

The seemed to be not only Doctor Doom, but also a different villain whose name I don’t think was ever released. Additionally The Thing’s blind girlfriend is kidnapped without even establishing her role as girlfriend. Also they portrayed Reed Richards and Susan Storm to be close to 10 years apart which is not the same story that we all know and love.

The powers of Johnny, Susan, and Reed all come into the story at about half-way but they are shown in a way that I would think a film from the 60s maybe should’ve shown them, not the 90s.

I gave up about half-way through because I was unable to keep my attention on it any longer. I highly do not recommend this movie to anybody and I’m very glad that it was never officially released (but is available on YouTube) and has been forgotten.

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Captain America (1990)

The third movie on my Marvel watch through is yet another direct-to-video forgotten Marvel film.

1990s Captain America needed to be forgotten in order for the modern version of this character to actually thrive. For starters, the origin is very different. He volunteers for the project without actually signing up, he smokes, and he has polio. Additionally, the scientist that transformed him transformed the Red Skull which is an interesting plot point.

Early in the film he also gets shot at point blank range and barely flinches, which is not within the realm of Captain America (unless maybe he’s wearing armor) and during the transformation they refer to him as becoming more like Superman, which just like I said in my original Punisher review, I don’t understand why Marvel would give positive shout outs to their competition in their own movies.

From there it goes downhill though. He goes to Germany instantly getting a suit and his shield from essentially an unknown source and has a show down with Red Skull in which he loses, cuts off Red Skulls arm, and gets strapped to a rocket aimed at the White House.

After a variety of other strange story developments he has to go to the castle where Red Skull is hiding to save the President and his old girlfriend’s daughter (who is now his girlfriend).

During the credits, I realized that the movie was geared as propaganda. The President is set to give a very important speech on climate and the environment at the end of the movie and during the credits it blatantly states “PLEASE SUPPORT THE ENVIRONMENT ACT OF 1990”.

Once again, a definite movie to skip for film fans and superhero fans alike.

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The Punisher (1989)

Now I’m not sure if I pointed this out in my Howard the Duck review, but I plan on watching through all of the Marvel movies ever made. This will not count TV movies and it will only count animated movies if they went to theater (in the USA). I will also count subsidiaries of Marvel comics (which will include movies like Kick-Ass and Men in Black).

A few weeks ago I watched another forgotten Marvel movie, the first Punisher movie. This was a direct-to-video and understandably the first Marvel movie to receive a reboot.

The movie basically throws you into the middle of a series. The Punisher is already established as a vigilante, the crime bosses are being picked off one by one. There was very little explanation of how the Punisher got to this point (or why- they did show a scene with his family being killed in a car bomb, but little further explanation was provided).

Additionally, he lives in the sewer and gets his information from a failed drunk actor. I haven’t read too many older Punisher comics but at least recently, his life as a superhero is not that shitty.

The main storyline focuses on two rival gangs fighting with the Punisher getting involved only to save the children.

In one scene he is captured by the Japanese gang and when they ask who he is he tells them Batman. Now I’m not sure what was going on in Marvel in the 1980s but traditionally I don’t think you’re supposed to glorify your competition in your own movies.

If you haven’t watched it, I don’t recommend it, you’re not missing much. It is the type of action movie you would watch if you were bored on a weekend and it was on TV.

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(Month) “Without” English

So, I made a video about this that it won’t let me upload here. If you wanna watch it, it can be found on my YouTube channel here.

Here’s the summary- advice that I have gotten from Benny Lewis and his Fluent in 3 Months program is that I really need to kick it into gear and go for some amount of time without English. I am gonna start that now (er- I mean I’m gonna start that whenever I finish posting this explaining that I’m doing this).

It’s Summer, and I will be going to the French-speaking region of Canada next week, both of which will be huge helps to me gaining confidence in this new language.

If you have any tips on how I can accomplish this please reach out to me and let me know. Well, here we go.

Souhaite moi bonne chance. Je commencerai en trois, deux, un. Maintenant.

Au revoir.